2022-09-19 | Best competitive prices for construction machines

Best competitive prices for construction machines
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This is a small list of machines and equipment that are ready to ship.
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Road graders

  1. SG14 Motor Grader
  2. SG16-3 Motor Grader
  3. SG18-3 Motor Grader
  4. SG21-3 Motor Grader
  5. SG21A-3 Motor Grader
  6. SG24-3 Motor Grader

Road graders

  1. Shantui SD22 Tracked Bulldozer
  2. Shantui SD42 Heavy Tracked Bulldozer 52t
  3. Shantui DH16-K2 XL Tracked Bulldozer
  4. Shantui DH24m Tracked Bulldozer 23t
  5. DH24-C2 tracked Bulldozer
  6. SD20-B5 tracked Bulldozer
  7. SD26 tracked Bulldozer
  8. SD32 heavy tracked Bulldozer
  9. SD32-C5 heavy tracked Bulldozer
  10. SD42-3 heavy tracked Bulldozer
  11. SS32 heavy shifter tracked Bulldozer


  1. HWL80 Wheel Excavator
  2. HWL110 Wheel Excavator
  3. HWL30 Wheel Excavator
  4. HWL40 Wheel Excavator
  5. HWL85 Wheel Excavator
  6. HW90L Wheel Excavator
  7. Mini Digger Crawler Excavator XCMG XE15
  8. Mini Digger Crawler Excavator XCMG FMJH18
  9. HW-10 Crawler Excavator
  10. HW-18S Crawler Excavator
  11. Crawler Excavator with HW13 Rotary Drilling Rig
  12. Tracked Excavator modified Auger Drill Rig
  13. HW-230 Crawler Excavator
  14. HW-300 Crawler Excavator
  15. HW-400 Crawler Excavator
  16. HW-08 Crawler Excavator
  17. HWQ-10 QQ mini Crawler Excavator
  18. HW-10F compact Crawler Excavator
  19. HW-15A mini Crawler Excavator
  20. HW-15B mini Crawler Excavator

Lighting Towes

  1. Electric 9m High LED Lighting Tower (I9L)
  2. 9m High Metal Halide Lighting Tower I9T
  3. Hydraulic LED/Metal Halide Lighting Tower 4HVL/P4000
  4. Lighting Tower (TN Series), 9m High
  5. Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)

Wheeled Loaders

  1. Front Wheel Loader XCMG LW600KN
  2. Front Wheel Loader FOTMA ZL50E 4WD
  3. ZL916 Wheeled Loader open cab
  4. ZL918 Wheeled Loader
  5. ZL920 Wheeled Loader
  6. ZL926 Wheeled Loader
  7. ZL928 Wheeled Loader
  8. ZL930 Wheeled Loader
  9. ZL932 Wheeled Loader

Skid Steer Loaders

  1. HW-JC65GH Skid Steer Loader
  2. HW-JC75 Skid Steer Loader
  3. Skid Steer Loader B series
  4. Skid Steer Loader C series
  5. Skid Steer Loader L series
  6. Skid Steer Loader V series
  7. Skid Steer Loader Z series
  8. TS series Skid Steer Loader
  9. Skid Steer Loader with Remote Control

Portable Rock Drill

  1. YT27 Rock Drill
  2. 7655 Portable Rock Drill
  3. Y19A Portable Rock Drill
  4. YT23D Portable Rock Drill
  5. YT24 Portable Rock Drill
  6. YT28 Portable Rock Drill
  7. YT29 Portable Rock Drill
  8. YSP45 Upward Rock Drill
  9. Rock Drill Air Leg FT160

Drilling Rigs

  1. Mountain Drill Rig HW-S30
  2. Mountain Drill Rig HWT30Z
  3. Core Drilling Rig XY-1A
  4. Small crawler Mountain Drill Rig HWL30Z
  5. Crawler Drilling Rig for Geo sampling HW180D
  6. Crawler Drilling Rig for Geo sampling HWED50
  7. Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig F600
  8. Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig F800
  9. Portable Hydraulic Drilling Rig XY-44M
  10. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW938/938H
  11. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW953
  12. Bolter DTH Surface Drill Rig W920S

Heavy dump trucks

  1. Concrete Pump Truck 8×4 125m3
  2. Dump truck 6x4 Howo 20CBM
  3. Heavy Duty Dump truck 8x4 Howo 28CBM
  4. Heavy Duty Dump truck 6x4 Howo 20CBM
  5. Dump truck 6x4 Howo 18CBM
  6. Heavy Duty Dump truck 6x4 Sinotruk Howo 18CBM
  7. Dump truck 6x4 Sinotruk Howo 18CBM
  8. Heavy Duty Dump Truck 6x4 Howo yellow
  9. Sinotruk MAN dump truck 8x4
  10. Mining Dump Truck 70 Tons
  11. Sinotruk Haul mining truck 70 Tons
  12. Sinotruk mining truck 70 Tons
  13. Howo Isuzu dump truck 8×4 70ton
  14. Shacman H3000 heavy dump truck 8x4

Concrete Mixer

  1. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer TDCM720-11DH
  2. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM500-16DH
  3. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-11DHA
  4. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-11D
  5. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-8EH
  6. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-6E


  1. Spider crawler Crane 5t
  2. Spider crawler Crane 3t
  3. Spider crawler Crane 8t
  4. Dongfeng truck 4x4 mounted telescopic crane 16t
  5. Compact rough terrain crane 4x4 8000Kg
  6. Mobile LRT rough terrain crane 4x4 8000Kg
  7. Mobile Crane truck 4x4 10t
  8. Foton Mobile Crane Truck 4x4 12t
  9. XCMG Mobile Crane Truck 4x4 16t

forklift and Backhoe Attachment

  1. HWC-50A All-terrain forklift
  2. HWC-60A All-terrain forklift
  3. Electric Forklift 3T
  4. Forklift loader with Crane 4T
  5. 13HP Gasoline Towable Backhoe loader
  6. Backhoe Attachment BK-7.5N
  7. Backhoe Attachment BK-215

Road Rollers

  1. Double Drum Roller Topall CR800
  2. HW22MA Road Roller
  3. HW-S600 Double Drum Road Roller
  4. HW2T Ride On Road Roller
  5. HW-850 Ride On Road Roller
  6. HW1T Ride On Road Roller
  7. HW-700C Single Drum Road mini Roller
  8. HW1.2T Ride On Road Roller
  9. HW1.5T Ride On Road Roller
  10. HW3T Ride On Road Roller
  11. HW-3.5T Road Roller
  12. HW-4500 Single Drum Road Roller
  13. HW-6.0T Double Drum Road Roller
  14. HW-10.0T single drum Road Roller

Best competitive prices for construction machines

Best competitive prices for construction machines

Best competitive prices for construction machines

Best competitive prices for construction machines

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