NEW 400kw Baudouin Engine Marine Diesel Generator HTD-400 for sale

Engineered and Manufactured by: Baudouin
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Marine Use Diesel Generator
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Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
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Description 400kw Baudouin Engine Marine Diesel Generator HTD-400

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NEW 400kW Baudouin HTD-400 Engine Marine Diesel Generator for ships and big boats
The Cummins marine diesel generator is designed to operate under constant load, as a main and parking power supply source. The medium-speed diesel generator has a significant resource and does not require high maintenance costs, which reduces the cost of operation. The engine has good characteristics, has high reliability and stability of operation, and is characterised by fairly compact size, low fuel consumption and high operational reliability. It has successfully proved itself on sea and river vessels of small and medium tonnage

Rated power 520kVA 416kW
Frequency @ 50 Hz
RPM 1500
Engine Baudouin Diesel Engine 6M26.3

Diesel engines occupy a leading place among ship power plants. Practically 90% of the modern world fleet is currently equipped with them.

The main criteria for such a wide application of diesel engines as main and auxiliary engines on sea vessels are their reliability in operation, high efficiency and a significant motor resource.
The ship's engine is the main element of the ship's power system, which ensures the course of the vessel, the operation of pumps, power generators and other equipment.

You can choose and buy products of any capacity and size. We add that all products have the necessary certificates. The engines are equipped with the necessary parts for mounting on the vessel. They are equipped with shock absorbers, control devices, control systems, exhaust systems, etc. Thus, in our catalog you can find and purchase marine engines suitable for any task.

Customer benefits
Continuous compact power with reference performances in its category
Easy service with accesible components and unit cylinder heads
Simple technology with common rail injection
Life cycle cost efficiency with extended MTBO (Mean time between overhauls)

The main features of Baudouin marine diesel generator:
1. Advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing, adapt to a variety of severe working conditions, high strength, strong heavy load operation capacity.
2. The cylinder block and cylinder head choose an integrated design, which prevents the occurrence of engine water leakage and oil leakage, the parts are 40% fewer than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.
3. Excellent reliability. Selecting forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder block design, many parts are cast on the cylinder block, with high rigidity, high pressure resistance and longer service life.
4. Rotor high-pressure fuel pump, less energy loss, more stronger power, lower fuel consumption, and effectively reduce noise.
5. The cylinder bore adopts the platform net honing design. The perfect geometric structure effectively prevents the oil leakage. The new piston ring assembly and the gasket hemming molding are used to reduce the oil loss.
6. Three-stage fuel filtration ensures a balanced level of power dispersion, protects the main components of the fuel system, and extends engine life to the maximum.
7. Baudouin PT fuel system, ultra-high injection pressure, make sure good atomization and full combustion.
8. Efficient Holset exhaust turbocharger can ensure more sufficient air intake, improve engine efficiency, further improve combustion, reduce engine fuel consumption, low speed response and strong power.
9. All types of parts have strong versatility, high degree of serialization, easy for maintenance.
10. Both the cylinder block and the cylinder head select a built-in pressure lubrication channel, which has a compact structure and low failure rate.

- Wet exhaust
- PTO elastic coupling
- Additional pulley
- Electric drain system
- Standard PTO for hydraulic pump
- Different alternators possible - including 12V
- Electrical rotary actuator
- 50°C Radiator
- Anti Condensation Heater
- Water and Oil heater

engine and generator original technical data / controller operation manual /instruction and maintenance manual / test report / delivery list

- Standard voltage is 400/230V, other low voltages and high voltages are available.
- Above gensets are based on 50Hz, 1500RPM, 3 Phases & 4 Wires, Power Factor 0.8.
- Engine Model with . means with EFI (Electrical Fuel Injection) system.
- Genset Model with * means it is for standby power.
- Standard voltage is 400/230V, other low voltages and high voltages are available.
- Special demands for Soundproof Canopy, ATS, Parallel Control and Remote Control are available.
- The data herein can vary depending on individual production requirements or due to improved technology.

The specification of the 400kw Baudouin Engine Marine Diesel Generator HTD-400

Genset Baudouin Diesel Engine 6M26.3
520 kVA @ 50 Hz
Number of cylinders 6 in line
Bore and stroke (mm) 150 X 150
Total displacement (L) 15.9
Compression ratio 15/1
Engine rotation counter clockwise
Idle speed 650
Flywheel SAE 1
Flywheel housing SAE 14"

520 kVA @ 50 Hz
Dry weight 3003kg
Dimensions 1428 x 1534 x 3769mm

Standard equipment

Cooling System

Two - stage cooling circuit with built - in HT thermostatic valve

Integrated fresh water expansion tank

High efficiency tubular heat exchanger

Gear driven centrifugal raw water pump

Self priming raw water pump with bronze impeller

Lubrication System

Full flow lube oil filters duplex type

Fresh water cooled lube oil heat exchanger

Fuel System

Common-rail electronic injection

High pressure pump with shielded high pressure injection rail and pipes

Fuel oil filter duplex type

External fuel pre-filter with water separator

Intake Air and Exhaust System

Double flow raw water cooled intake air heat exchanger module

High efficiency dry turbocharger with ball bearing technology

Two Stage Turbocharging system

Electrical System

Voltage: 24V DC insulated

Electrical starter

190A battery alternator

Power definition

(Standard ISO 3046/1 - 1995 (F))

Reference conditions

Ambient temperature 25C / 77 deg.F

Barometric pressure 100 kPa

Relative humidity 30%R

Raw water temperature 25C / 77 deg.F

Fuel oil

Relative density 0,840 +- 0,005

Lower calorific power 42 700 kJ/kg

Consumption tolerances + 5%

(DIN ISO 3046-1)

Inlet limit temperature 35C /95deg.F

Our ratings also comply with
classification societies maximum
temperature definition without
power derating.

Ambient temperature 45C / 113 deg.F

Raw water temperature 32C / 90 deg.F

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
With professional service teams and exceptional skills, we focuses on clients and provides whole-life cycle and whole-process service including delivery training, on-site service, maintenance, spare-part supply and secondhand disposal, etc.
Also can be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

Special prices for:   African countries: Angola, Sudan, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, South Sudan, Somalia, Madagascar, Botswana, Kenya, Cameroon, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Uganda, Gambia, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Cameroon, Morocco and for China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tailand, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Panama, Guyana, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Algeria, Bolivia. Lowest prices and great discounts from multiple units.

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Manufactured by: Baudouin
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Marine Use Diesel Generator
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
  QTY Available:   10
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